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SorryAfter several years blogging in Spanish (, I ´ve decided to publish an English version. As a matter of fact, I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea. Only time will tell. My hesitation is because of my English, that is neither fluent nor I´m a native speaker.

I have always used English only in academic environments and quite occasionally. I would have liked to live a longer period in an Anglo-Saxon country to improve the language, but that has not happened so far. So my natural tendency is to think in Spanish, and then translate it to English.

I was considering options to publish this blog in English version asking my bilingual friends to translate the posts or to try translating it on my own with someone´s revision. In the end I choose the simplest and self-sufficient solution: “You make your bed, you lie in it”. I mean, I will not depend on anyone.

A blog has to have an unique, personal style and should be dynamic; must honestly connect with the author´s style and be agile to be able to publish quickly. So the only way to achieve that is to assume translations myself. Besides, and perhaps most important, I do not want to appear what I am not. I know I could ask for help in order to perform that I write “like a native“, but it would be false. My English skills are just like this, and I´m sorry if the style is flat and it sounds unnatural (a little bit “Spanglish”) to an Anglo reader.

I am aware of this limitation but still I hope that the contents will remain worthwhile and trying translations on my own also will be a good learning opportunity, my readers will appreciate.

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