Blog renovadoFor a long time now I have been reading, writing about, traveling and participating in events related to Collective Intelligence but I felt the lack of having a dedicated site to be able to publish content on this subject, recurrent in my personal blog ( as well as being the core of what we do in eMOTools (

This blog is part of a personal research project that should culminate in publication of a book on Collective Intelligence. It is a project with defined terms and expiry date. It is also an open space for experimentation and personal development.

The essence of this blog is: Collective Intelligence, Collaboration and Networks. Its subjects will extend from network design to be efficient and productive, models of co-creation and crowdsourcing, networked coordination mechanisms, collaborative culture, reputation-based systems for ideas´ filtering to the principles of design for rise and self-management in innovators´ communities, among others.

It took me some time to decide to launch this project for two reasons. On one hand, because it means diverting efforts as I must take care of two blogs simultaneously. On other hand, the challenge that implies to me to publish in English, language I have not mastered yet and that will require an extra effort to translate of my own. Please, see the ‘Sorry Button’ 🙂

At this blog I want to open informal channels of conversation not only with the academic community, but also with the practicioners that might be interested on some deliberations and debates. The idea of publishing in English was an old ambition that I can finally accomplish. Besides being a good opportunity to improve the language, I ‘m looking to diversify my professional network and to connect with academia specialized in research on this subject, with publications mainly in English.

My intention is to bring together all the texts I write on Collaboration and Collective Intelligence, so in this blog I share new contents as well as the articles already published in my personal blog and eMOTools website. The attempt to retrieve those posts/articles implies an integral edition assignment, including changes such as paraphrasing or updating ideas, summarizing texts and changing titles to more adequate ones.

I know reediting old posts does not fit the liquid spirit of blogs, and someone may not appreciate this practice; but it seems right to me. It is just an attempt to put in value some texts that might have been lost in the maze of obsolescence and to bind them in certain harmony.

Having two blogs and writing in English are two challenges that I´m able to achieve, but as always, the end results remain to be seen. I do not want to put myself under pressure, and as I always say: I’ll remain here till it will have a sense for me and bring me satisfactions . Thanks for dropping in, and if you´d like to, please feel free to join the conversation.