Graduated BA in International Economics by  Superior Institute for International Relations, and Master Degree in Analysis and Management of Science and Technology by  University of Carlos III, Madrid.

Founder and CEO of eMOTools, a spanish company located in Malaga and specialized in research, consulting, content curation and training in advanced models of R&D and innovation management.

Expert in R&D Marketing, specialist of bridging the gap between the lab and the marketplace. He is consultant and provides trainings on new trends in innovation management such as Collaborative Networks, Design Thinking, Hybridization (Multidisciplinary collaboration and Medici Effect), Social Entrepreneurship, Open Innovation, Collective Intelligence and Innovation Eco-systems 2.0.

He has been for many years Business Economics Lecturer at the University of Carlos III of Madrid. Also, in charge of several training programmes such as Master in Innovation Management at the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA), Master Executive for Technology-based Entrepreneurs organised by City Council of Malaga, and Master in Business R&D Management at the University of Granada. In eMOTools he leads projects related to information architecture, management of online communities and digital content creation/curation for innovation-oriented websites.

For further information about the author, please visit his professional blog focused on Collective Intelligence:, his personal blog:, the eMOTools website:, or his Twitter profiles: @arey (Spanish) and @theCIbloguer (English).